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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
I had like 10 friends who went to this show and they all pretty much said it was the most fun concert they've ever been to. Probably because we all like As Blood Runs Black, Whitechapel, Black Dahlia Murder, and Darkest Hour a good amount and they also said it was the most intense crowd they've ever been apart of. I chose to go to Lake Havasu with a bunch of friends the same weekend this was and to be honest I'm really regretting now going to this show now.
The crowd for Black Dahlia Murder was definitely one of the craziest crowds I've been a part of. The crowd was swaying throughout the set, there was constant crowd surfing, I got knocked down a bunch of times while I wasn't even moshing, and at times it was hard to breath.

It was almost as intense as the Megadeth Rust In Peace show I went to. That was easily the craziest crowd I've been a part of. I almost passed out halfway into Megadeth's set. I had to step out of the crowd after they finished Rust In Peace because I just couldn't take it anymore. My energy was almost completely drained at the end of Testament's set alone.
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