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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
I really enjoyed my day yesterday.

I catched all of Lazarus A.D. - Anonymus - Annihilator - Children Of Of Bodom and Anthrax, love them all

I also saw a good part of As I Lay Dying - Morbid Angel and Opeth and I left after Motorhead.

I know you will all disagree with me but all the bands were great but I thought that Opeth live sucked. Not because they don't play well but because of all the fucking acoustic intermissions in their songs. It kills the mood. Anyway It was my first time seiing them and I didn't like it that much

Cheers !
If you see Opeth on their own it is much better. I've seen Opeth about 10 times and I was at Heavy MTL and I agree, after seeing Morbid Angel and Anthrax they were fucking boring. They are not for a festival setting. Its the middle of the day, the sun is burning hot, they were a nice 'break' I guess to go get something to eat and chill lol. Their show works much better on their own.
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