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Judas Priest -- Chicago, IL -- June 3rd, 2005

Me and Larry Horse went to the show last night and saw them FRONT ROW CENTER!!! The merch was pretty good we each got the new tour program and tour shirts with the AOR cover on the front and a list of countries on the back. The band where tight and into it. Glenn had some trouble with the Painkiller solo but all around he was really good. I made eye contact with every member besides Glenn and I was even hit by Robís sweat (Geoffís to). There was this fat woman trying to get past the barrier with her arms open trying to get to Rob (it was really entertaining.) Iím sure at one point or another es156 was able to see us on the jumbotron. There where about 3 separate 30 second periods where me and Scott where looking each other in the eye and he seamed to be a little annoyed by it but as a drummer the member I tend to watch the most is the drummer. He at one point dropped a stick while tossing it in the air but other than that Scott was on top of his game that night. Over all last night was easily the best Priest show Iíve ever been to, Iíd give the show 10 out of 10. Queensryche werenít too bad either.

1) The Hellion/Electric Eye
2) Metal Gods
3) Riding On The Wind
4) A Touch Of Evil
5) Judas Rising
6) Revolution
7) Breaking The Law
8) I'm A Rocker
9) Diamonds And Rust
10) Deal With The Devil
11) Beyond The Realms Of Death
12) Turbo Lover
13) Hellrider
14) Victim Of Changes
15) Exciter
16) Painkiller
17) Hell Bent For Leather
18) Living After Midnight
19 You've Got Another Thing Comin'
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