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Originally Posted by bobisdead911 View Post
To clarify for ppl who didn't get it, and with boards like this I'm not surprised, I said that initially to weed out complaints about what bands I "did or didn't see" when of course if I'm not a fan of the band, I'M NOT GOING TO SEE THEM. You can bitch all day about it if you want, but a) I'm not going to read your stupid ass comments, and b) if you like them, go see them and post on it yourself, all this ripping on bands is completely pointless, you see that the band you like isn't posted, you leave, simple as that. But I guess it's not for some ppl. I'll continue to post sets as I please, so you might as well not bother. Btw, I almost did watch Miss May I, they're ok, I remember last time I saw them which was a while ago I wasn't that into them and I don't know the set so I didn't bother.
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