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Hell On Earth -- Clarkston, MI -- July 22nd, 2011

So the other day was the Hell On Earth tour and it was a great fucking show. It all started out before I left and logged into my email and saw that I won tickets to summer slaughter from Metal Injection so I was stoked all they way down there. I love DTE even though alot of people hate it when we enter the parking lot you can smell the beer, smoke and everyone having a good time. I go to check out merch as usual and fucking $35 for a t-shirt but I gave in and bought a sweet slayer shirt. As we got to our seats they were right by the soundboard which was cool and it would work out later.

So Exodus came on and they were as I expected an old school thrash band that played a great set but very few people paid attention to. Holy shit I was thinking when Gary Holt was playing his solo's. They opened with The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles which sounded great as it did through their whole set. By half way through their set I got my brother to stand up(he is a huge pussy) and he ended up having fun. Absolutely love Blacklist and that was the highlight of their set for me. As what I thought was a pit opening up it was just like five guys running around and occasionally hitting each other. Other than that a great set and I hope to see them again in a club setting. 8/10
1.The Ballad of Leonard and Charles
2.War Is My Shepherd
4.Bonded By Blood
5.The Toxic Waltz
6.Strike Of The Beast

I didn't know who was coming next but when I saw behind the curtain Kerry Kings guitar I was like SLAYER. So by this time the amphitheater was pretty full except for the lat 10 rows in the right corner and I was pumped. Slayer came out in full blaze with World Painted Blood which I still love hearing as their opener. Then went right into Hate Worldwide and I was like wait I'm in seats for Slayer and so left and went up onto the hill where was the best Pit I have ever seen on the hill. I have got knocked on my ass so much. I even took a somersault down the hill. After about half their set I went back down to watch the last half of the performance. And last time I saw Slayer they were good but tonight they were great. The sound was crisp and I that was one of the best sets I have ever watched. Seasons In The Abyss was orgasmic and probably my favorite song they played. As Raining Blood kicked in all I could think was Dat Riff. As they played Black Magic and Raining Blood together I was just like Fuck Yeah. Then their closing song Angel Of Death and I just can't get over that scream. Great Song, Great Energy. 10/10
1.World Painted Blood
2.Hate Worldwide
3.War Ensemble
6.Dead Skin Mask
7.Spirit in Black
8.Mandatory Suicide
9.Chemical Warfare
10.Silent Screams
11.Seasons in the Abyss
13.South of Heaven
14.Raining Blood
15.Black Magic
16.Angel of Death

After Slayer my little brother wanted a slayer shirt and my big brother wouldn't take him so I was stuck taking him. So we buy his shirt and we proceed to walk around the whole venue and then I bought a water and even then Rob Zombie wasn't on. Well he came on really late so he said he would get fined if he wanted play late but for Detroit he said he could make it work. And all through the night he would say things like "that song just cost me $1000". He also told this riveting story about when he played Harpos and how it was a bad idea to serve $1 beer in glass mugs. Now Rob Zombies show is second to none. I thought Slayer had a sweet show and no one could top it but Zombie did. He had a pretty generic set but Pussy Liquor and Mars Needs Women were pretty sweet add ons. Now Rob Zombie must really like Detroit if he is willing to play almost an 30 min. past curfew. Which is $1000 per minute if you play past curfew. Now after they played Dragula it was a quarter past 11 and I was no way will he play another one. So DTE turned on the house lights but Rob came back out to play House Of 1000 Corpses. By the end of that beer was getting thrown and hit the soundboard and the guy was pissed but it was all good. After that I was just like wow. And the sound guys gave my little brother a set-list which made his day. Oh and during Thunderkiss 65 some chick took her top off and my brother was just like which made me laugh. 10/10
Rob Zombie
1.Jesus Frankenstein
3.Scum of the Earth
4.Living Dead Girl
5.More Human Than Human
6.Sick Bubble-Gum
7.Pussy Liquor
8.Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
9.Mars Needs Women
10.Thunder Kiss '65
12. House of A 1000 Corpses

It was one big clusterfuck on the way out. but other than that it was a kickass show and maybe the best of the year so far for me. I won tickets for summer slaughter and saw a kickass metal show and had some tasty mcdonalds on the way home. Now I can't wait for Mayhem Fest.
7/14 The Body/Thou
7/18 Warped Tour
8/06 Summer Slaughter
8/9 Boris
8/30 Morbid Saint/Vektor
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