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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
They opened with The Disintegrators when I saw them on the CW tour if that makes you happy?

Trust isn't that strange of an opener, it is the opening track on that album after all. With the way the drums, bass and guitar build to the opening riff makes for a good begining live. You know they slowly build it up and then, "BAM!" Dave kicks in with the main riff. Which by the way is a really good riff, I think.
It makes me kind of happy I guess.

I understand why it's used as an opener, same reason Overkill will open with Necroshine -- it's a slow build and then kicks into the main riff. The difference is Necroshine kicks all kinds of ass, Trust just doesn't. There are countless better choices for an opener in the Megadeth catalog than Trust, especially given how stale their setlists seem lately.
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