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Originally Posted by ryan_streets View Post
i wish they would play Broken Hands
What the fuck

Originally Posted by daimonos View Post
The only complaint I have is the lack of material from Palaces. They need to bring back 11th Hour and the title track, I think. But i'm sure if I were there I would still have an awesome time.
Dude, fucking this. That album is so completely flawless in every single way. I want nothing more in my life than to see Lamb of God do a set with that album, front to back. I would just die.

And okay, I'm sick of seeing them open with The Passing/In Your Words. Damn that song. They should always open with Ruin, every show. That is literally the best opening song to an album, and a perfect way to kick off the show. And that set, while it isn't bad per se, is so standard. Absolutely zero surprises, which sucks, because they have so many great songs that are never played.
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