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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Don't you want to hear something else for a change? Like "Ear to Ear" or "Festering Fiesta"? I don't think they've played either of those since they were touring for the album. I actually think they should cut "Vicer Exciser" and put in "Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation" and one of the other songs I mentioned... or both of them!
Oh, any song off of that first album would be incredible. I especially love the title track and Ear to Ear. But cut out Vicer Exciser or Prosatic? I just feel like those are staples because of the "everybody screams" parts. But since I've seen 'em before, and if I had to choose old gems or the old staples, I'd definitely go with the old gems. Hell, I realize they put out a new album recently, but when I go to see Whtechapel, I want those oldies, so they could cut as many as they want from A New Era or even This is Exile and I would be fine.

As for the new songs, they didn't play Murder Sermon or Single File to Dehumanization, which kind of sucks. I'd be down to see them cut Unnerving. End of Flesh seems like a good opener, though. Nice and fast paced, a good circle pitter. Overall, I'm satisfied with this set, since I expects it to be a lot shorter. This I'd gonna be a great concert! Too bad I have to sit through Oceano... fucking hate them.
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