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I arrived at the venue about ten minutes after gates opened and the place was already filling up with people pretty quickly. As I was walking in the police and a wall of security were taking some drunk guy out of the venue. He wasn’t bothering anybody, he just couldn’t stand up. There was a good bit of merch for sale but the prices were too high for me, 35-40$ for a shirt. Then I walked up to the back left of the venue in the lawn section and got ready for Exodus.

After about twenty minutes or so Exodus abruptly hit the stage and went right into it. I’m not as familiar with Exodus as I should be but I was definitely into them. The singer kept ordering a mosh pit before every song and the pit got bigger and bigger every time. At the end he asked for a wall of death and that is definitely what he got. After they left the stage security was carrying out some kid with a broken leg and it looked very painful.

Then (much to my surprise) it was Slayer time. I thought Zombie was supposed to headline but I guess not. The curtain dropped and they started World Pained Blood and it was a total adrenaline rush. The crowd on the floor was going out of their minds in the pit. War Ensemble was extremely intense and even had the crowd on the lawn going. After a few more songs came the one I wanted to hear the most the entire night, Seasons in the Abyss. They were right on cue and didn’t miss a beat; I was going out of my mind. After Snuff they came back out for South of Heaven which started a big mosh pit on the left side of the lawn where I was. During Raining Blood two guys in the mosh pit had a miscommunication (I am guessing) and started to actually fight but they were quickly pulled apart. After Angel of Death they said their goodbyes and walked off stage.

Next up was Rob Zombie and he did not disappoint. I wasn’t sure how the crowd would react since about half of them were mainly Slayer fans. This was my third time seeing him in the span of one year and this may have been the best. As soon as he came out two girls standing right next to me started dancing together like they were strippers in Vegas and the people on the floor were jumping like crazy. I got so wrapped up in the people around me it was hard to focus on Zombie! More Human Than Human had nearly everyone on the floor jumping and that was a sight to see. Around this time PNC Park where the Pirates play had fireworks night after the game and they started setting them off and Stage AE is very close so you could see the fireworks going off behind the stage. It really added to Zombie’s stage show and was really cool to see. During Thunder Kiss ’65 Zombie did his usual go through the crowd bit and I ended up about one foot from him. Afterwards the Werewolf Women of the SS intro played on the screens and he came out for Dragula which also had the crowd going nuts as usual. Apparently he had to finish up early because of the 11:00 PM curfew.

Overall, that was one of the best concert atmospheres I have ever been in. Everyone was very chill with each other and was rocking out when the bands came on. This may have been the shortest I have ever seen Zombie play for though, about 1 hour and 5 minutes. I would say Rob Zombie was band of the night but Slayer wasn’t far behind. I wouldn’t hesitate to see any of the three bands again if they ever come back around. Well that was my little review and thanks for reading.
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