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Well I go every year. I film every year. This year I filmed everything except Suicide Silence & All Shall Parish. Took the moment to cool down but sounded good from a far. I just don't like death type vocals. To each his own.

Dead Season is a good hard rock band from Maine. I've been seeing and following them since 2005. Good group of guys to drink with as well, always having a good time.

Straight Line Stitch. Again is another band I've been following since before their debut CD. Always putting out 110% energy. I just don't know why everyone who posts a review about SLS on Mayhem says their horrible?

Red Fang is not my type of music. But again, everyone who hates on Straight Line, Loves Red Fang. I don't know. I watched their music videos on youtube before the show, didn't get into it. Again another band i skipped to go get hosed down and visit the water fountain. It was 105 degrees after all.

Maybe I'll write more later.

Here's all the videos (every set was filmed 100%)

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