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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
Nu Metal is starting to die off. Less fans are going to the shows and there aren't any newer bands in that vein coming out to shake things up. Disturbed, Godsmack, Limp Bizkit, Seether, Mudvayne are fading out like hair metal did in the early 90's. Slipknot & SOAD will likely be the only two nu metal ands to carry forward with success due to their loyal, large fan bases. While I'm not sure where the next Nirvana will come from or who it will be I think it arrives in the next year to year and a half and drives the final nail into the nu metal coffin.
Nu-Metal has been dead since 2003. All those bands that you mention have turn into basically hard rock/alternative or were never nu-metal in the first place (i.e. seether, godsmack). Anyways, Disturbed need a break anyway.
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