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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
They aren't Trivium shows, they are local shows in Orlando he goes to because he lives there, which is what makes his actions more asshole-ish. And while I may have come off dick-ish, they had already been assholes to me back in 2005, and the drummer was the last on the panel of the meet n greet, which was full of a "ugh-another-fan-thing-great" Trivium. So twice I'd meet them, twice they were horrid, so it was my own sweet victory against a band that had wronged me as a concert goer.

Plus it's the fact I went out of way each time to even see these people, so thinking I should be thankful for getting conversation out of someone seems wrong. I should feel grateful that I person I have approached at a fan meet up says words to me?
I don't know, I've met them twice and they were nice..
Maybe they just don't like you??
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