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Originally Posted by Nick_to_the_face View Post
You must be going to the wrong Trivium shows. And either way, you're acting all "you don't know specifics, you're not a real fan", that's pretty dickish
They aren't Trivium shows, they are local shows in Orlando he goes to because he lives there, which is what makes his actions more asshole-ish. And while I may have come off dick-ish, they had already been assholes to me back in 2005, and the drummer was the last on the panel of the meet n greet, which was full of a "ugh-another-fan-thing-great" Trivium. So twice I'd meet them, twice they were horrid, so it was my own sweet victory against a band that had wronged me as a concert goer.

Plus it's the fact I went out of way each time to even see these people, so thinking I should be thankful for getting conversation out of someone seems wrong. I should feel grateful that I person I have approached at a fan meet up says words to me?
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