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I never understood why people are so happy that a band they don't like is breaking up. I mean, you were never listening to the band anyway, and i'm sure you're all old and capable enough that you're able to listen to what you want and not have to be forced to listen to them, so how does them breaking up make a difference? And if that was the case, it's not like a band breaking up will mean that their music will automatically stopped being played or talked about. I can understand hating a band or ripping on them because you think they suck (I've done my fair share), but how is a band you hate breaking up really changing anything?

As far as this indefinite hiatus...meh. I'm a Disturbed fan, but maybe a break for a few years will allow them to mix up their sound a little bit. They've basically been doing the same stuff for 3 albums now, and their live show has become so bland and predictable, everything from the setlists to David's in-between song banter to the videos being used on their video screens, etc.
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