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Butcher that sucks that your crowd sucked. The crowd at my show was awesome! Easily one of the best crowds I've seen at a show. Everybody was going nuts for every band, the pits were fun, and there was just a great vibe overall. Here is my brief review of the show.

Obscura: Fucking amazing. I was pleasantly surprised that they were on first (the venue had Septic Flesh listed as the opener.) Their technicality was off the charts. Every thing was exactly the same as on record. The vocals sounded even better in a live environment and the vocalist had a ton of energy. They said are coming back to the US soon and I will try to catch them again.

Septic Flesh: Epic as hell. They come across heavier live and they got the crowd amped. They had two walls of death in the same set (which I have never seen before) The symphonic stuff sounded awesome live, even though it was played over the PA. Great and energetic set from Septic Flesh.

Devin Townsend Project: Devin Townsend stole the fucking show. He is such a great and hilarious performer. He pulled and said the funniest shit I've heard at a concert. I don't know if he did this at anyone else's show, but he brought out a dude that looked like him said was his clone, kissed him, and then said "Why do I have an erection?". Other choice Devin quotes included "I suck dick for crack money" and "If you watch mixed martial arts and you don't even like it, your lying to yourself and your mother." Completely awesome performance and blew the doors off the first time I saw him.

Children Of Bodom: Hands down Best Bodom performance I have ever seen. The first time I saw Bodom in 2008 they were so fucking drunk that they screwed everything up. Alexi forgot some of the words, the guitar was at max volume and the vocals were completely muddled, it was a fucking horror show. The second time they were pretty good, but they were still a letdown. This time around, they actually played very well. The band hit everything (Alexi made a slight screw-up during the solo of Are You Dead Yet?, but that was the lone exception) This performance restored my faith in Bodom as a live band.

Overall, amazing show. I don't know if it was because it was the last night of the tour, but every band exceeded my expectations and brought their A-game.
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