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Hemispheres -- Newton NJ -- June 3rd, 2005

Well well well, what a great night!! Me and Overkiller just attended a 3.5 hour show by the ultimate Rush tribute band, Hemispheres!!! These guys were spectacular, lemme tell you. Here's a quick review and set of the show:

Overkiller comes and picks me up at around 9:15, and we get Springdale Junction at about 9:20. We're hanging around for a littel while, talking about music, blah blah blah. You can see this incredible drum set up on the stage, you could tell this was gonna be big. About 9:40 the lights went down, so we ran up to the side of the stage (there were already people at the front). In comes the band, it was great. There was this guy who walked up with them, very big and muscular, I thought "Hmm, he must be band security or something." Boy, was I wrong. He gets up on the little stage and picks up the mic. I was thinking "There's no way this guy can sing like Geddy!" Anyway, here are 2 pictures I shot of the band with my camera phone (sorry 'bout the low quality).

(From left to right: Guitarist [who is hard to see, he's behind the vocalist in the black area], vocalist, drummer, and bassist/keyboardist.)

Anyway, they started playing, and they had a long great set! There were 3 songs I didn't know (the "??"s), and the last song I know, but I couldn't think of the name of the song. Here it is:

1. Subdivisions
2. Anthem
3. Fly By Night
4. ??
5. Freewill
6. The Pass
7. Red Barchetta
8. La Villa Strangiato
9. 2112 (the entire thing!!! )

-- 15 minute intermission --

10. Bastille Day
11. The Camera Eye
12. Distant Early Warning
13. The Spirit of Radio
14. Tom Sawyer
15. ??
16. Limelight
17. YYZ (with a 5 minute long, amazing, awesome, incredible, mind-blowing drum solo.)
18. The Trees
19. Xanadu
20. Digital Man
21. Natural Science
22. Finding My Way / In The Mood medly
23. Arg, this was the song that I couldnt think of the name of. Sorry

Here's a picture from when they did YYZ:

And during The Spirit of Radio, they had an air drumming contest. Whichever few people could do the best air drumming won a free Hemispheres shirt, and Overkiller won one Here's a picture of him going up and getting it:

Anyway, it was an awesome show and a great night!

Again, sorry about the quality of the pictures, but it was just a camera phone.

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