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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
That setlist was incredible. The hits from Hellbilly and Sinister, a bunch of Horses, and a bunch of WZ Super-Charger Heaven, More Human Than Human, Creature of the Wheel, and Thunder Kiss '65 if I recall. Sold me on Zombie live for life.
Damn you!!! I didn't get to hear Super-Charger Heaven until Zombie's 1st tour for newest album. I know he did Creature of the Wheel b/c it was on his live album he put out yet that's yet another I still have not heard. Looked at my account. Seen Zombie 7x first time in '02. I've heard a grand total of 3 different White Zombie songs in that time. SCH, MHTH, TK65. That is it. I mean honestly wouldn't you figure he'd get tired of doing the same 2-3 WZ songs every night?
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