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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
How was the crowds reaction to this song? After witnessing the Toronto crowd I can't imagine that anyone knew what the hell it was. And how was the performance of it? Was there some special circumstance for them playing it?
My section sucked, a lot of sections sucked, not just for this song but for most. When you get a crowd of 70,000 or whatever in the US, people stand and cheer for Mysterious Ways and With or Without You, but the rest is just filler for them.

I'm sure the GA Floor was into it, but I was up high, and it looked more like something to do for the majority rather than being real U2 fans.

The performance itself was pretty good, they do play songs slower than normal nowadays, especially the older songs, but I honestly didn't care, it was SOMETHING.

Earlier in the night, Paul read from a setlist they played 30 years prior in NJ, and I think that sparked his mind into playing it. Springsteen was in the crowd and I think he wanted to keep pace with those who play 2.5 hour shows...
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