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Originally Posted by Thrasher-NY View Post
Saw this show last Tuesday up at Bethel Woods NY (site if the orignal festival)
My girlfriends 17 year old won wanted us to take him and a friend...why not
Being a metal head it was funny wearing a Watain shirt around the concert...awesome facility and outdoor covered pavillion with a lawn seating area.....awesome manicured grounds.

YES was pretty good even though their "Jon Anderson" sound a like was cracking on some of the notes.....generally boring performance IMO

STYX however...FREAKIN ROCKED!!! Just a strong performance from beginning to end and a pretty balanced setlist. Their "Dennis DeYoung" sound a like was spot on and played a mean keyboard
I have seen Styx 4 times now, and man they kill it every time. The whole band is really talented, much better without DeYoung imo.
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