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Children of Bodom -- Orlando, FL -- July 9th, 2011

Sorry this took so long to post, so to ease the hate, look at this.

Overall the show was great, Septic Flesh was better the first time I saw them with Behemoth, better song selection. Obscura was solid, just didn't get into them as a live band. The crowd of metal though, in Florida at least, has gone down hill. The fans were the biggest cunts in the world, and going to over 100 shows and never having a screaming fight with anyone, I successfully had two... So sad that the "new to show" people are ruining shows... Devin was outstanding! MY GOD! That is all... Bodom filmed the entire show for a new video, and guessing from all the cameras on me, I will be all over it!

Devin Townsend Project:
1. By Your Command
2. Truth
3. OM
4. Supercrush!
5. Kingdom
6. Stand
7. Juular

Children Of Bodom:
1. Not My Funeral
2. Bodom Beach Terror
3. Needled 24/7
4. Shovel Knockout
5. Roundtrip To Hell and Back
6. In Your Face
7. Living Dead Beat
8. Children Of Bodom
9. Hate Me!
10. Blooddrunk
11. Angels Don't Kill
12. Follow The Reaper
13. Downfall
14. Was It Worth It?
15. Are You Dead Yet?
16. Hate Crew Deathroll
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