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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
2) Yes, Suicide Silence have covered that Deftones song ever since their first demo. Cool that they're playing it. I actually would have liked to see another from that demo, like About a Plane Crash or Distorted Thought of Addiction.

3) Very disappointed with that SS set. I understand they're trying to promote the new album, but no Bludgeoned to Death? Really? It could have been longer, too, with another couple from The Cleansing.
They recorded that cover almost a year after they released The Cleansing. That's their self titled EP you're referring to, not a demo. They played "Distorted Thought of Addiction" on their headlining tour last year... okay I'm done now.

But yes, shitty set. Prepare to be disappointed when you see them.
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