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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
I was talking to Natrlhi at the Cleveland date, and apparently Origin is a completely different beast with Jason Keyser now singing. He makes the live show twice as crazy as it used to be.
Yup, I did say that. It's not as if they sucked with James Lee, because that's far from being true, but they are even better now. Many folks feared that replacing Lee would be a difficult task - and to some extent, maybe it was - but they found an even better frontman in Jason Keyser than they had before, in my opinion.

They were already crazy good live - now they're just fucking unbelievable. Also, the addition of Keyser seems to have loosened up the other guys as well. It's not like they were stiffs or anything before, but they did seem to take their whole image rather seriously and were really focused on keeping their playing as tight as possible and didn't really interact with the crowd that much. Now that the crowd has come to them (literally, onstage!) because of Keyser - all of the band members seem to enjoy themselves that much more and really pour themselves into what they do.

I just love it when I get the feeling from a band that they are genuinely loving every minute of what they're doing on stage - it's absolutely infectious, and it makes the experience so much more awesome. That's what Origin has now that they didn't have before, and so they've gone from awesome to phenomenal as a result. Just read the reviews of this tour so far and let the words of the fans speak for themselves.

I still say this was the best individual performance by a band so far this year for me.
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