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Funnily enough, after just mentioning it in hellawaits77's thread, it's next on my list. This is probably Cannibal Corpse most technical release to date. The riffs are all over the place, it's fast, it's awesome. The album starts with "Savage Butchery" which starts bashing your face in almost immediately. I LOVE Corpsegrinder's vocal patterns in the beginning, they aren't over the top stuff, but it works. The chorus is awesome too. Next is "Hatchet to the Head". Honestly, in the verse after the chorus, the riff is fucking amazing. Simple, fast palm muted triplets but cool. Just watch a video of that part being played. "Pit of Zombies" comes on, and personally, I don't like this track too much. Maybe it's because it was the only song I knew on the album for a while, but I think I've just overlistened to it. Still a good zombie song though. After comes "Dormant Bodies Bursting". At two minutes exactly, it does what it needs to in that amount of time. The best part comes with Corpsegrinder doing what are probably his deepest lows ever about halfway through the track when he repeats the title. "Compelled to Lacerate" comes on with the great groovy riff in the beginning and it sounds great throughout the track. The next song is "Drowning in Viscera". An alright track overall but I don't find anything special about it. "Hung and Bled" is an awesome track. The beginning sounds like it could have been off Gallery of Suicide as it's a slow one, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was a left over riff from those writing sessions. The verse has Corpsegrinder doing his fast vocals again and the vocal patterns just amaze me. "Sanded Faceless" is the next track on the album and it's your typical Cannibal Corpse song. Pretty standard. Now "Mutation of the Cadaver" comes up. The beginning is almost proggy in it's own way with the bass intro and constant time changes. The chorus is the same way, minus a bass "solo". "When Death Replaces Life" is awesome. Another slower track, but not boring. The beginning sounds kind of creepy with the effects on the lead guitar and atypical chords. The solo is your typical CC solo, lots of wah and indistinguishable notes. The album ends with "Grotesque" and personally, I think it's a great track to end the album with. The ending has Alex Webster doing a tap bass solo, and Corpsegrinder with his progressive low to high scream matching the guitar riff. As a whole, the album is alright, but it has a good amount of technical, catchy songs that make this one of my favorites.

Favorite Tracks:
Hatchet to the Head, Mutation of the Cadaver, Dormant Bodies Bursting, When Death Replaces Life, Grotesque
5/20: Rotten Sound
6/10: Torche
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