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Deftones is one of my favorite bands and when SS plays that it pisses me off.

Overall that SS set is pretty standard, I think its practically the same set they are playing at mayhem except 2 or 3 additions for the worse, hell I think they are playing Bludgeoned at Mayhem Also Nick, I've had the same experience with the band, everyone was cool except the singer, I also thought he was just tired. He seems so nice in interviews so I have trouble believing he's a douche.

The All Shall Perish set is the same as Mayhem, as well as that Red Fang set.

Only reason I would see anyone going to this is to see the Unearth set, which is badass!

Honestly though, in my opinion, it be better of going to Mayhem because I'm sure Unearth will be back and at Mayhem you also get Machine Head, Megadeth, Trivium, Red Fang, and In Flames(I guess).
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