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In Flames -- Omaha, NE -- July 18th, 2011

I didn't go to this show, but I plan on attending another off-date headlining show at the beginning of August.

Cloud Connected
Pinball Map
Delight and Angers
Deliver Us
Only For The Weak
The Hive
The Mirror's Truth
Where Dead Ships Dwell
Come Clarity
The Quiet Place
Take This Life
My Sweet Shadow

Seems like they're not throwing in any rarities or surprises in their set since they've been touring this year. This looks almost identical to a festival setlist about a month ago, but whatever. I'm glad that with 3 openers they still play 18 songs though. Colony and OFTW are nice as they haven't played those in the U.S. for the past two tours. I love Cloud Connected as an opener, but following it with Trigger?

What has happened to my (ex) favorite band...

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