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My thoughts:

1) Great Review, man! I'm seeing the same off-date lineup, but without Red Fang. Could kind of care less since I haven't listened to them.

2) Yes, Suicide Silence have covered that Deftones song ever since their first demo. Cool that they're playing it. I actually would have liked to see another from that demo, like About a Plane Crash or Distorted Thought of Addiction.

3) Very disappointed with that SS set. I understand they're trying to promote the new album, but no Bludgeoned to Death? Really? It could have been longer, too, with another couple from The Cleansing.

4) I disagree with you on Unanswered, it is the best dumb breakdown MUST-MOSH-NOW song in all of deathcore!

5) Reeeeeally wish SS would stop opening with Wake Up. I'm a little sick of that song, an they have much better material they could put in it's place.

6) All Shall Perish- solid set, same as Mayhem I think. Glad to see it, too. And I disagree with your want of Black Gold Reign, Awaken the Dreamers is their weakest album so far and not playing any songs from it is a smart move.

7) DAT UNEARTH SET. HOLY SHIT. FUCK YES. You don't realize how much pure fucking happiness I will get if they play Zombie Autopilot. And of course, The Great Dividers is their best song, so that will be fucking great. AND FINALLY, they're playing Black Hearts! I would have been so disappoint if I didn't get to see that. I'm loving the Oncoming Storm love; my favorite album by them.

8) So glad to hear about the grand lack of dancers! I had a similar experience with Veil of Maya/Acacia Strain/Whitechapel, where there were just lots of big moshbros. I'm just wondering what the turnout will be, since it's at Peabody's in Cleveland, and that lineup could easily fill the House of Blues.
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