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Suicide Silence -- Lawrence, KS -- July 18th, 2011

Two things before I start. First of all, getting lost and spending 2 hours in a car for a car ride that should only take 45 is a bitch. Second, this turned out a lot better than I thought considering it was a headlining show.

So due to us getting fucking lost I ended missing the opening band, Enemies Laid To Rest, and Red Fang oh well I ended meeting with my peeps in ELTR later and I ended talking to a guy in Red Fang anyway. And I got Red Fangs set.

Red Fang
Dirt Wizard
Into The Eye
Night Destroyer
Good To Die
Prehistoric Dog

So the next band up All Shall Perish, who I was fucking stoked to see. They started off with Wage Slaves with amazing energy and the energy didn't stop until they left the stage. I was skeptical on whether or not there would be any karate kids. And there weren't Everything sounded tight and the guitar work was fucking great Only complaint is that they didn't play Black Gold Reign Here's the set:

Wage Slaves
Gagged, Bound, Shelved, and Forgotten
No Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet
Procession of Ashes
This Life of Pain
There Is Nothing Left

After talking with Eddie from All Shall Perish for a bit and getting a free poster we started heading up for Unearth, main reason I went. At first I was pretty damn disappointed because it seemed like no one was coming up to the stage for them, but just a few minutes before they came up the floor filled. No real complaints on there set, would have liked to hear some older ones, but I got to hear This Lying World so I'm good. The crows was really interactive and at one point the guitarist, forgot which one, started doing push ups during a song. Also, is it me or do they ignore the fans closest to the stage? Either way, a bad ass performance from Unearth. Oh yeah, I got the setlist when they were giving it out, and where it would have said "Black Hearts", it said "Black Farts"

My Will Be Done
Zombie Auto-Pilot
Eyes of Black
This Lying World
Watch It Burn
The Great Dividers
Arise The War Cry
Sanctity of Brothers
Black Hearts Now Reign

Oh boy, Suicide Silence was up next. So a few things about them. They are pretty nice guys when you meet them. Also, for the most part I think they are decent live. And t honestly..I respect the guys. But god is there music retarded. Unanswered is the dumbest "anti-god" I've ever heard and it's pretty pitiful. And Smoke, is just another "Hey we smoke weed, we're cool song!" Like there isn't enough of those in the world. Also, all the other guys look super metal and such, and the singer looks retarded. Plus, the vocals were too damn loud. The high screams just ran over everything else. Other than that, the rest of the band was tight. And I'll be a son of a bitch, but there hardly any karate kids, three at the most. The set started out weak at first, but there performance got better over time. A lot better when they opened for Megadeth, not as good as the first Mayehem. Also...they covered a Deftones Song..WHAT THE FUCK.

Wake Up
You Only Live Once
Fuck Everything
Slaves To Substance
No Pity For a Coward
Engine No. 9 (Deftones Cover)

Overall a pretty damn good night, and because my friend is a fan boy, we got to meet Suicide Silence, who were cool, despite the singer. Meh, maybe he was just tired.

All Shall Perish- 8.5/10
Suicide Silence- 6.9/10
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