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Crude Domination
Unanimous Approval
Hung By Eye Sockets
Incompetent Secondary
Blind Sided Attack

Druid Lord (out of order probably):
Black Candle Seance
Chamber of Ghastly Horror
Eerie Ways
All Hallows Evil (with Kam Lee)
Awaken by the Dead

Insanity (partial, out of order):
Attack of Archangels
Morbid Lust
Blood for Blood
Fire, Death Fate (which is apparently a Napalm Death cover?)
Death After Death
2-3 new songs ( I've only heard their first record)

Deceased (partial, mostly out of order except begining and end):
The Triangle
The Premonition
Haunted Cerebellum
New song
Night of the Deceased
Song about zombies who's name escapes me now
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