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Originally Posted by Akumu View Post
Ahh, I just thought that I could read both and finish Feast before its POV chapters pick up in ADwD... ? But it might be less confusing if I just read Feast straight through first. Idk.

Oh god, yes. I am so sad because even though it's been like 5 years since I first read ASoS, I know what's gonna happen to everyone and FUUUUUU. I'd go into detail, but I don't want to spoil it for the people here still on the earlier books.
Well, I mean, you could try and read them simultaneously. I'm still not caught up in ADWD yet, I think, but I know that there will be POV's from certain characters in ADWD that show up later that take place after AFWC (aka, Arya's and Samwell's storylines as well as some others will be continued). Your own funeral if you spoil something for yourself.

AND I think it would be a little confusing to have to keep track of like, 8 POV characters at once.
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