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I was there. He is playing again on July 21st for $5.00 per ticket (plus service fees). His country set was solid as usual. A.D.D. sounded like Saint Vitus/Melvins/Sleep hybrid of doom metal. The vocals had an effect on them that made 3 sound like he was a possessed demon!!! Very cool stuff I encourage everyone to check out A.D.D. I think that band is far better than Assjack or Cattle Callin.

His country set (incomplete & out of order):

Straight to Hell
Not Everyone Likes Us
Rebel Within
Low Down
Pills I Took
3 Shades Of Black
Country Heroes
Six Pack of Beer
Dick in Dixie
Crazed Country Rebel
Candidate for Suicide
Gutter Stomp
Ghost to a Ghost
Moonshiners Life
Mississippi Mud
Me & My Friends

An electric 2 song encore:
Hillbilly Joker
Tennessee Driver
1-13 Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals

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