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Alright here is my review. I wrote this for my own little review list on RYM so some parts may sound off.:

Ugly World Tour

July 16, 2011
Best Buy Theater, New York

Devin Townsend
Septic Flesh

I couldn't care less about going to a Children of Bodom concert. I was more interested in seeing the 3 supporting bands. Devin is my favorite artist ever. And Septic Flesh and Obscura were two live acts I wouldn't mind seeing.

So we get to the day of the show and some confusion happens. My family wanted to go to the city for some show so I had to wait for them to get ready and somehow my younger brother (15 years old) winds up attending the concert with me. This would be his first GA concert and he's not really into metal so I had to watch him the whole time and wasn't as active as I could've been. I was also suppose to meet up with these two guys from, a metal forum I frequent on but wasn't sure if it was the right time since my brother was with me, but I eventually met them later.

Obscura - I got inside while they were playing their opening song, I believe. I'm kind of 50/50 with this band on record. They have parts that are great and I enjoy listening to but then they have parts where they just go off noodling which I dislike. Live I did enjoy them. They definitely enjoy playing and love getting the crowd going. The noodling parts come off as more impressive live since I can actually admire there guitar playing with my own eyes. Honestly, noodling is meant for a live setting I don't see how people enjoy such wank on CD. It just comes off as annoying to me. Well Obscura was great overall. - 3.5/5

Septic Flesh - Next up was Septic Flesh from Athens, Greece. They play a combination of symphonic metal and death metal. I have been really getting into them lately. I don't know what it is but there is definitely something special about their music. Get some great speakers, put their latest record on and behold the soundtrack to the apocalypse. On record they have a whole orchestra backing them up, of course they can't tour with them so they had to use backing tracks. Regardless, it created the perfect atmosphere that complimented how heavy the actual band was. Their light show was one of the most brutal I have ever seen. This gave kind of a more comical approach to their show, it was kind of funny how they would break out into a barrage of lights. Either way the crowd was certainty entertained. They only got to play 4 songs though. They were so heavy that they caused a fire (or at least set the fire alarm off, I'm not sure) and the tech guys didn't let them go out after, even though there was plenty of time. I really would like to see them again, it's a shame that they're not popular enough to headline a US tour. - 4/5

Devin Townsend Project - So this was my third time seeing Heavy Devy. Setlist wise, this was my third time seeing everything but the Deconstruction songs. That kind of put a dent in my enjoyment because I already knew what to expect. They were still fun though. The last two songs he played were "Stand" and "Juular", both of which I would be hearing for the first time. "Stand" I think is a weaker song off Deconstruction so I wasn't too excited to hear it live. "Juular" came off much better and was my favorite song of the set. I was curious to see what how he would manage the guest vocals, if he would play a backing track or not. As far as I could tell he didn't and handled the guest vocals himself. I hope when he comes back he will focus his setlist entirely on the Devin Townsend Project, there are bits and pieces of all the records I would love to hear. After his set it seemed like half the theater headed for the doors. Devin announced that he would be in the back somewhere to meet fans. I went to check out the merch table, then BloodoftheKings tapped me on the back, then I was introduced to makethemsuffer12 and I hung around with that group for the wait in line to meet Devin. I got a picture with him and got my ticket as well as both Deconstruction and Ghost booklets signed. I was such a nervous spazz :P . I also bought a pretty awesome tour shirt after. It was $30, you could thank COB for that and I was debating it all night because of the price. I stopped getting generic black concert t-shirts awhile ago but I just loved the design on this one. - 4/5

Me With Devin:
Signed Stuff:
Shirt (front):
Shirt (back):

Children of Bodom - I am indifferent toward this band. I don't hate them as a lot of "trve" metalheads do. (It was funny how when every opening band announced them, there was always a "booooooo" echo looming after the cheers). I am also not incredibly disappointed at the direction this band decided to take as it seems that a good portion of their fan base is. And they weren't one of the bands that got me into metal, I somehow went for Amon Amarth but skipped these guys completely. I somewhat like some songs but never a whole album. "Needled 24/7" is my favorite song by them so it was kind of disappointing hearing the end of it as I was walking back to the theater. Still me and my brother took a seat and watched like 7 more songs before my parents said they were done with their show. What I saw I enjoyed. The keyboards were the coolest part I guess. Overall, not bad. - 3/5
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