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Nah I don't think he ever said anything about that for Tool. For the most part I think the new Tool album has been gradually coming along throughout the past couple of years, but they all have other projects and don't entirely focus on Tool. We will get that album at some point.

With APC it just seems like they are not into making another full length, but they may or may not have a couple of songs that may or may not be released in the future.

In other news I have experienced two bands that were releasing singles over time that would eventually be a full album. J.Viewz and Celldweller. The J.Viewz one came out fantastic, every song sounded fresh, the wait in between was awesome with them giving fans teasers and special videos and not waiting too long to release singles, and as a whole album it's one of the best released this year imo. The Celldweller one is still coming along but overall I have mixed feelings about it since the time he takes to release songs is ridiculous (like 6 months for 2 songs), plus nothing too spectacular. Still as an album so far it feels like it flows together quite nicely even if every song has a different style.
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