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Pretty damn good show for all of $15. It was nice still seeing 2 songs from Zombie that I hadn't seen before (Jesus Frankenstein & Pussy Liquor). It was predictable but I blame that on the fact that this is like the 4th time seeing Zombie in less than 2 years. Still an amazing show as always. I'm disappointed that Super Charger Heaven was a setlist casualty. It was atleast a different White Zombie song other than MHTH & THK65. I'm not gonna waste time complaining about lack of no Educated Horses songs. Manks you can add encore and then Dragula in the set. I hate that song so that's when I always leave. No idea after that.

Loved my timing. Got there minutes before AILD came on. The important thing being that I got to miss ATR as well. Best news of the night!!!! I despise them w/ a passion as well. I gotta say AILD was not as enjoyable as they were @ Warped in '07 or the LOG/COB tour a few years ago. I blame some of that on their new album. Not a fan. Odd pairing w/ Zombie IMO. There was a fairly good wall of death for Confined @ the end of their set. Still enjoyable. More importantly... they aren't ATR!!!! Leave it to KC to still have an asshole to get in a fight during AILD. Atleast he was bleeding from his head and kicked out.

And manks my apologies I still haven't got to see your Hammerlord band you go on about but hope to see them someday. Still damn fine show for $15.
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