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Hank3 & Attention Deficit Domination -- Nashville, TN -- July 15th, 2011


The show was at Exit/In - Nashville TN. Hank3 did a country set for 90 minutes or so followed by the ADD set that lasted 63 minutes. I watched the video and matched the songs up to the titles that were released for the ADD record. I am reviewing this show cause I feel like I was there from the video haha and I know there are a few people on here who are interested in the new doom project Hank3 is putting out.... It looks like he covered Sleep then played the entire new ADD record. There is one I'm not sure about but I'm guessing its Make a Fall cause that's the only one left on the record that wasn't obvious. I fucking love the new songs! His voice sounds so haunting at times, especially during Living Beyond Doom. My favorite songs during the show were I Feel Sacrificed and Goats N Heathens. This makes me very excited to hear more. I was worried about this project after hearing Take as Needed for Pain. I really enjoy that song, but the vocal effects kind of ruined it for me. I really really love how his voice is sounding for this. I hope he doesn't mess up the recording with additional effects. I wish I had a program that could take the audio from the video(I can do that easily) and split it up track by track so I can make a bootleg of the show and put on my ipod(thats the part I can't do)

Intro Jam
Holy Mountain (Sleep cover)
In The Camouflage
Living Beyond Doom
I Feel Sacrificed
Make a Fall??
Demons Mark
Get Str8
Goats N Heathens
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