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Yeah I'm 18 and my parents are still overprotective. They wanted me home around midnight so I had to miss Hate Eternal the other night. They were also reluctant to let me go by myself, but that was kind of understandable considering I was driving (which they hardly let me do) and the venue was like an hour away. Still, I had to lie to them when I was in Chicago saying that my friends were going with me to shows. Actually, come to think of it, it's mostly my mom, my dad could probably care less along as I'm responsible. I tend to avoid the over-the-top crazy pits so I'm being somewhat responsible.

When I'm a parent I'm probably going to be a lot more lenient than my parents are right now. As long as I know what they're doing and where, I'll probably let them do it. And if they're into metal it'll be a definite plus.
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