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Originally Posted by logAnarchy View Post

As for your mom deleting your metal music, didn't you say your parents are ultra-Christian?
Yeah! They think it's all devil music and growling = what Satan sounds like. They were very reluctantly let me listen to Metallica in middle school, but growing up, I had to hide all my Slipknot and Trivium and Lamb of God. It's like they thought that I would stop liking this scary music if they took it away from me, but it had the completely opposite affect. I actually think that if I raise kids someday and show them metal at a young age and blast it all the time, they'll probably rebel away from me and listen to country or some shit. Then I just reached a point where they were like, "just don't blast that music around us and please don't wear those shirts when we go somewhere as a family, but it's your life", which I can understand.

You can take the kid out of metal, but you can never take the metal out of a kid

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