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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Go ahead! I'll try and defend them afterwards if you want. At least "Decimate the Weak"- era WoP.

And yeah, I was surprised if that was all the songs Acacia played. Probably not, as you guys said, simce they always close with carbomb. And I'm a little surprised I'm the only one here who likes Devil Wears Prada. The Zombie EP is incredible!
Ok..I'll admit the Zombie EP is tolerable.

Alright here we go..first of all I REALLY like Winds of Plague, haters gonna hate (manks) and honestly they were one of the main reasons I went. So once it was time for them to come one, we and the peeps were stoked. (Btw The Devil Wears Prada played at the same time) and by the time me and some dudes convinced this drunk guy that TDWP was on the another stage, WoP hit the stage. But not in the way you would expect.

The guitarist comes on stage and says "Hey guys our singer can't sing, so is there anyone here who knows the lyrics to Refined in the Fire" So, I I though oh that's cool, they're gonna let a fan sing a song. SO some guy comes up, sings a halfassed version of it. It was cool. So I was like "YEAH IT"S TIME". Nope. Some chick who is related to WoP some how is like "Yeah I'll do my best!" Fuck. So they start doing Decimate the Weak. and I wouldn't have a problem with. IF THE BITCH WOULDN'T HAVE FORGOTTEN THE DAMN LYRICS. And this went on for almost every damn song. So I feel ripped...

ALSO, throughout the show they pulled out people from the crowd to sing and I wanted to go up and do The Impaler. BUT NOOOO she had to pull up some long haired jackass who did nothing but headbang...bastard

I'm done now.

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