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rolling critical success on casting a level 7 stagedive
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Yeah, I guarantee they played Saligia and Antithesis. Those are my 2 favorite songs by them, too! Listen to them MORE!

And YAY, Ben popped his stagediving cherry! It gets easier every time you do it. I almost hurt myself really bad the first time I did it for Magrudergrind since I took someone out and almost landed on my head. After watching Terror live, where there were people stagediving every other second in a crowd that was only 2 rows deep, there's a very specific technique in order to land on your feet. Watch videos of hardcore bands live; you'll catch on.

That's actually why I enjoyed Dillinger Escape Plan so goddamn much: There were a TON of people packing the Bottom Lounge, and although me and everyone else were stagediving every other second, there was a large sea of people to land on and surf on. So you could do crazier stuff and not worry about landing on your head- frontflips, jumping off high objects, running out into the crowd... it was insane.
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