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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
I appreciate that we all like different kinds of music...really, I truly do. I do as well. I can't imagine only listening to one genre/type of music. Quite frankly, I shudder at the mere thought. When I come here, though, it's because I'm looking to check out metal and hard rock set lists. Not U2. Not Eric Clapton. Not Reel Big Fish.

Again, I LOVE musical diversity. When a website in particular, however, is designed to deliver certain goods, I expect those specific goods, and nothing else.

Enough is enough. Let's stop abusing this forum, and use it for what it's intended, shall we?
Hmmmm haha

I get what you mean to a certain extent. This is a "metal" setlists website. It should be for metal shows only, as intended by the creator, but I feel that there are a few other genres out there that we can branch off to and post about as well. I feel any genre can be posted on this forum, but there should be a review with it other than just the songs. I'm not dissing brutald at all, but if you feel inclined enough to post a nonmetal setlist here, then a review should be there too so that we can all appreciate why this show was posted. Theres a country setlist I'm going to post on here in the next few days, just been lazy haha, and I know people will hate on it, but there were fucking great moments during that show I couldn't not share.
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