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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
WOP didn't play California? Fucking gay brah!

Hey, to be fair, it ain't CA they're playin at. They don't run shit in Toronto. And some quick points:

1) NO DEVIL WEARS PRADA!?!? Come on man, second best ban on that bill behind Acacia Strain! Much better live than on record, too!

2) I believed Miss May I played, too. You should've seen them; excellent band despite the shitty name.

3) As for Acacia Strain, that is a pitifully poor set. Seriously. They are better than all the bands on this tour combined!

4) that Winds of Plague setlist is actually pretty decent. The less songs they play off of Against the World, the better. One of my least favorite releases this year.

5) didn't happen to catch the Paramore set, did ya?

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