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This was the first full Death album I listened to and I LOVE this album. I my opinion, this was their best, so I think Death ended on a high note. The album is great from start to finish with no real filler material. The only qualm I really have about the album is the over used bass-riff thing in Spirit Crusher and Scavenger of Human Sorrow. It sounds too similar and that kind of ticked me off. Regardless, there are two real all-stars on the album: Chuck (duh) and Richard Christy. The drumming on this is phenomenal and fits everything perfectly. I think that Christy gets underrated sometimes, but he should get the credit he deserves. This lineup truly gave a great Death album, and did some awesome work.

Favorite Tracks:
Bite the Pain, Story to Tell, Flesh and the Power it Holds, Painkiller (cover)
5/20: Rotten Sound
6/10: Torche
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