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Armored Saint -- West Hollywood, CA -- July 9th, 2011

1) Loose Cannon
2) March of the Saint
3) Nervous Man
4) Head On
5) Human Vulture
6) After Me, The Flood
7) Last Train Home
8) La Raza
9) False Alarm
(John Bush - National Anthem)
10) Left Hook From Right Field
11) Reign of Fire
12) Chemical Euphoria
13) Book of Blood
14) Can U Deliver
15) Mad House

Talked a buddy of mine into going - he remembered Symbol of Salvation when it came out 20 years ago so I figured the band would play at least a couple off that. The openers were...well, at least I can say that each one was better than the last IMO, but that would not be saying much.

Hirax was cool - had never seen them live before or had any of their stuff, but I knew how long Katon and Co. have been in the trenches sticking it out, so props to them. I think the crowd was a little taken aback by the thrash attack after the previous alt/hard rock/nu metalish openers.

Once Hirax was done, we were treated to another epic waiting period for AS (just like last year!) to take the stage. Once they (finally) came out, it was a great show. Overall, yeah, the setlist was mostly rehashed from the 2 shows last year, but it was still sweet. I personally would have loved to see more obscure SoS stuff than "RoF" and "LTH", but both songs still kicked ass.

"Human Vulture", "False Alarm" and "Book of Blood" were songs picked by members of the crowd. The band brought out a board of 10(?) songs and three fans each got to pick one of the songs on the board. I was at the back of the floor, so I couldn't tell you what other songs were on the board that might have been played.

They closed out the encore after "BoB" with "Can U Deliver" and "Mad House". After being pretty tame all night, the floor finally came alive with a mosh pit for "CUD" and it went even crazier for "MH". I was shooting video of the last 2 songs with my crappy digital camera, but had to stop shooting about 30 secs into "MH" because I needed both hands to defend myself hahah.

Gonzo threw out a few sticks, drum covers, etc. during the show. My buddy and I caught one of the covers at the back over the rail. I was willing to concede it to him since he came to the show, but he let me have it. Sweet! Signed with "Armored Saint 2011" with the 5 band members names on it. Saw a few near-fights break out over the stuff thrown out, so I consider myself pretty lucky.

Oh, and John took time out to sing the Star Spangled Banner between "False Alarm" and "Left Hook..." He said he had been invited to sing it at an upcoming roller derby game(!) and wanted to try it out on us. Just him by himself, no music...and he killed it!

Overall, a good show, but I think the HoB show last year down the street was slightly better - just my personal opinion. I just wish I could have seen them a couple decades ago! Oh well, already looking forward to next year's annual L.A. show!
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