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Yeah $30 for all shirts. It's bullshit, and we have no one but Children of Bodom to thank.

Those asses know that bro teenybopper "metalheads" will shell out $30 for a COB shirt without even thinking of how ridiculous it's priced just because it's at a tour. As a result, the rest of the bands on that tour have to have their shirts at $30 to match the headliner (which, in my opinion, is some bullshit). I found this info from one of the guys from Blood Red Throne when they opened up for Dimmu Borgir last year. Every shirt there was $25 because Dimmu priced it like that.

Last year when I saw Between the Buried and Me, all shirts were like $20 or $15 because that's what BTBAM had. It's really the headliner that has to do with shirt prices and how every other band prices them.

Believe me, I wanted to get an Obscura shirt. But $30, uh fuck that.
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