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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
I've been reading things at how this Show/Festival is supposed to make a lot of money for Halifax and how many familes were buying Metallica shirts at local stores way before the concert. Since this wasn't a bunch of thrash metal fans (Like the Big 4 crowd) and more of a mainstream crowd, they decided to reign it in a little bit a play more recognizable, commerical material. That's just my theory.
That could be, but this is also their standard North American set format for the current tour cycle. The only two additions that are different from the recent European shows are Fuel and NEM. So, it's not like they played every big hit they've got and completely altered it to be more mainstream.

The only real down spot for me in here is NEM. But at least they didn't drop FTB to put it back in.
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