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Seriously, though, my thoughts:

1. OP is obvious modern rock fanboy. That's alright, and I won't bash on your tastes, but because of it, your ratings are gonna conflict with 99% of everyone on this site.

2. Machine Head set- despite it beig really good- is waaaaaaaay to short.

3. Solid All Shall Perish set, but there is definitely better songs they could have chosen from the new album. Spineless and A Pure Evil come to mind. All the songs are really good on the new album though, so I can't complain. And no songs off of awaken the dreamers = win. Not a very cohesive album.

4. Wish that Suicide Silence would stop opening with Wake Up. I don't see any Genocide, The Fallen, the Disease, Lifted, and even fucking Bludgeoned to Death! Do you hate me personally, Sooiside Silence??? And I still thing Fuck Everything is an awful song.

5. Fucking GREAT unearth set, despite no Black Hearts. Seriously, Unearth is incredible. I don't see how you enjoyed Suicide Silence more.
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