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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Everything in the article made sense, but I still don't like Liturgy. It's not because they're hipsters, it's not because they're false, and it's not because of the Scion interview. I just can't stand the vocals. You could say they contrast the music, but to me they just don't work at all. The vocals remind me a lot of Xasthur, which just feels misplaced and awkward against Liturgy's optimistic sounding music.
Yeah, that is a good point. Singing would work much better, in my opinion. It's like they're trying to "transcend" beyond black metal, but most of the time, their music doesn't even sound like black metal, so by using black metal vocals, they are not transcending it at all, but restricting themselves. Clean vocals would be a perfect fit and would at the same time allow them to properly transcend black metal.
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