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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Ya know, I just realized I never really commented on the setlist per se, so here goes:

They were on a bit of an "Achtung Baby" kick at the end of the setlist the last time I saw them - now it looks like they're getting it out of their system at the beginning of the set. Either way, I've always loved that album, so yeah.

Very old school. Nice.

Songs like this are why people such as Brad and powerslave_85 are convinced that U2 are shit, and if songs like this are all they've ever been exposed to, then I can actually understand them having that opinion. Seriously, guys - I was thrilled to see almost no songs from "...Horizon" in the current setlist, but you could have played "Magnificent" instead of this. Just sayin'.

I fell in love with this song again when they played it in NYC a few years ago (i.e., in an earlier leg of this tour), but I'm not sure how much I'd like it as an acoustic number.

Awesome U2 song, regardless of the flak it gets from young hormone-raging males who think it's "gay" to get be touch with concepts like joy and gratitude. I'm not sure what David Bowie has to do with anything here, but considering Bono's love for classic rock stars, I guess I'm not surprised they did this snippet.

Guys - seriously? If you have to represent that album, "Stay..." is good enough - or surprise us and rip out a rendition of "The Wanderer", maybe - but not this. C'mon.

Best song on the celebration of mediocrity that was "...Atomic Bomb". This song seriously gives me goosebumps. ("Miracle Drug" is pretty damn good, too. )

See above comment for "Boots". They've been remixing this song ever since it came out in a vain attempt to get the fans to like it, and guess what, guys? We still don't. Just face it, this song sucks. (Actually, the original is better if they absolutely feel the need to play this.)

Whoa, another oldie. Must be a 20th anniversary of the "October" album thing. I don't believe they've ever played this song live until this leg of this tour.

OK, so you wrote this song for a shitty movie. Fine. You don't have to play it live, though - and especially not as a fucking encore.

Fucking. Weak.

Didn't like it in NYC, not looking forward to it in Pittsburgh.


This guy knows what the fuck he is talking about.

I agree totally with you except the Zooropa comment. I've though that's an awesome song since I bought that album a week after it came out. The segue from Miss Sariavo (sp) was really the best moment of the concert. And then the segue into City of Blinding Lights. Those three songs were the highlight for me. Bono didn't sound too band doing Pavaroti's parts either.

The remix of Crazy... just proves to me that the band wishes that the Pop experimentation hadn't of failed so miserably. I think if that album was better received they'd still be making a lot more music in that genre.

The accoustic version of Stay would be good if Bono wasn't singing so out of time and the Edge's harmony during the chorus was way too loud in the mix. I love the original just the way it is.
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