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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
I dunno, with the exception of "Sunday Bloody Sunday," I've just never heard a U2 song that made me sit up and go "wow, that's really fucking great." Most of the time it's "wow, that sure is a rock song." The insane overexposure of their biggest songs is another part of it (which I know isn't a reflection of the quality of the songs, per se, but people get away with hating bands for less ). Sure, I'm not familiar with their "deep cuts," but nothing from the songs that I've heard makes me want to run out and buy their albums. Also, Bono just rubs me the wrong way. Yes, charitable work is great, but when the attitude of "our band is important and we're trying to save the world" starts to bleed into their image, it's time to roll my eyes and make a dismissive wanking motion.

Finally, a great old joke (which I'm sure never actually happened, but it's still funny): U2 are playing a festival in Glasgow, and in the middle of a song Bono stops the music and begins clapping very slowly. "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies." A drunken Scottish voice yells from the crowd and says "Well fookin' stop doin' it then!"
Interesting observations, and well-stated (as usual ). If you'd ever seen Bono in action up on the stage, you'd probably come to realize, as I have, that:
  • He's actually a whole lot more humble than many people think.
  • He's a megalomaniac at times, too - which sounds contradictory to the above - but he knows it, and he makes fun of himself for it.
  • It's exactly this dichotomy - the sincerely humble, self-deprecating megalomaniac - that makes many of his fans love him.
  • Either way, love him or hate him, the guy is truly larger than life, and so is U2's stage show.
  • The motherfucker can entertain, and work a crowd like nobody's business.
But I guess you'll have to take my word for it, because I have no illusions that I'll convert you or anybody else with a few mere words. Let's just say that I consider myself metal to the core - albeit highly interested in many other genres as well - and I can still not only stomach but truly love this band, so that's got to say something, right? Also, I consider myself to have a highly sensitive bullshit detector - a fact which often leads to many of my famous rants - and so far these guys have not set it off yet...and it's going on nigh unto thirty years now, so yeah.

EDIT: Oh, and that joke was awesome.
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