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I dunno, with the exception of "Sunday Bloody Sunday," I've just never heard a U2 song that made me sit up and go "wow, that's really fucking great." Most of the time it's "wow, that sure is a rock song." The insane overexposure of their biggest songs is another part of it (which I know isn't a reflection of the quality of the songs, per se, but people get away with hating bands for less ). Sure, I'm not familiar with their "deep cuts," but nothing from the songs that I've heard makes me want to run out and buy their albums. Also, Bono just rubs me the wrong way. Yes, charitable work is great, but when the attitude of "our band is important and we're trying to save the world" starts to bleed into their image, it's time to roll my eyes and make a dismissive wanking motion.

Finally, a great old joke (which I'm sure never actually happened, but it's still funny): U2 are playing a festival in Glasgow, and in the middle of a song Bono stops the music and begins clapping very slowly. "Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies." A drunken Scottish voice yells from the crowd and says "Well fookin' stop doin' it then!"
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