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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
And how the fuck can your cousin call MH her favorite band without having The Blackening or Burn My Eyes?
She could have downloaded them, legally or illegally. He took the 2 albums she owns on CD, i'm assuming.

As far as why they don't play them, it probably has to do with wanting to promote the the newer stuff (as explained before), but probably also because they maybe don't like those albums, and know that it's probably their poorest received material by the majority of their fanbase. I mean I hate to jump on the "Machine Head chased a trend" bandwagon, but you look at the Burning Red and Supercharger and how those albums sounded combined with when those albums were released, it's hard not to raise and eyebrow and consider that they were going with whatever was popular at the time. Now someone said that they do play TBR and Supercharger songs during headlining sets, so maybe i'm completely incorrect about what I wrote.
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